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We repeat it often but the cost of electricity is the most important in mining to have a good profitability. In this article we will see how to perform its calculation correctly using a power meter. You have to know that without a power meter your calculation will never be precise, something that is not too serious with a single RIG but becomes more complex when one has several RIGs. Never use your mining/GPU-Z or other software, such as monitoring to know your power consumption. First of all because this one does not take the consumption of your RIG entirely but also because none is reliable on AMD. Regarding Nvidia However, it is more accurate and just add about 130w for the entire RIG without counting the graphics cards. Example: 4 Nvidia 1060 cards are going to have an approximate consumption of 360w and adding the entire RIG you can calculate 500w in total. These are approximate calculations as it also depends on your overclocking settings. Remember that the power meter only is a source of reliability! Never leave your power meter plugged in permanently when you run your RIG, use it to do your consumption measurements but remove it when you are not testing. Additionally your power meter must be plugged into a grounding outlet for safety. This depends on the manufacturers but a power meter is normally provided for maximum 3500w, or 16a, check this before your purchase. Let’s go to the calculation examples: 1 kWh corresponds to 1000 Watts per hour. Take the example with a RIG that consumes 1000w that we were able to observe with a power meter. A power meter It looks like this: Photo below of a measurement performed with 4 AMD R9 290 a long time ago.

Electricity: Mining with power meter

The average French fare has an approximate cost of $0.17 (dollar) per KWh. It depends on your supplier and if you have a preferential rate of course. This calculation is a simple example, it is to be replicated with your data according to your hardware: 1000 (Watts) x (Times) 24 (hours) x (Times) 30 (days) = 720 000 Watts, or 720 kW. 0.17 (dollars) x (Times) 720 (KW) = $122.4 per month at French rate at $0.17 per kWh. Calculation made in dollar, you can do it in euros also. Take the example of someone who pays $0.04 per kWh with 1000w: 1000 (Watts) x (Times) 24 (hours) x (Times) 30 (days) = 720 000 Watts, or 720 kW. 0.04 (dollars) x (Times) 720 (KW) = $28.8 per month. And finally a very simple example with 25 kw instead of 1 kw compared to our first example for you to observe the difference well: 25000 (Watts) x (Times) 24 (hours) x (Times) 30 (days) = 18 million watts (18 million), or 18000 KW. 0.04 (dollars) x (Times) 18000 (KW) = $720 per month with the person paying $0.04 per KWh and $3060 for the French fare. You now have an idea of why the cost of electricity is the most important in mining. Moreover remember that you must have a grounding to undermine, security is very important. Example: a washing machine without a grounding plug will cause small electric shocks if you touch it while it is in use, the power consumption of a washing machine is not so different compared to the consumption of a RIG except that the Washing machine does not turn 24/7.

Also pay attention to your kVa available if you are in apartment, house, local, this is the maximum power that will be able to deliver your meter. Example: a meter of 6 kVa (apartment) corresponds to a limit of 6 KW maximum that you can use continuously for all your equipment at home such as washing machine, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, oven, hotplate etc so you have to check this correctly Knowing that your RIGs will use this power continuously. Your kVa is indicated on your invoice or simply contact your supplier for electricity (EDF or other). If you are mining at your home, whether it is a house or an apartment you normally have a circuit breaker, it is used to protect your electrical equipment from overloads, short circuits and its role is to cut off the general current, check this out. Also be aware that a traditional outlet normally supports 16a or 3840 watts maximum.   If you have any questions, if you think it is missing something important to add or correct do not hesitate to write a comment.

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