How to remotely control my RIGs?

In this article we will see how to take remote control of your/your RIGs in order not to physically need to make your adjustments, changes or a change of crypto-currency. Everyone chooses the software they want, we offer “Remote Utilities” simply because it is very easy to use and free up to 10 RIGs.   Remote utilities First of all, you can download remote utilities here. You can see two types of files:

  • The Viewer, this software will be installed on your main PC, ie the PC that will take control of your/your RIGs.
  • The Host file, this software will have to be installed on each of your RIGs

First you have to download the HOST file and install it on your RIG. So you will see this in the taskbar at the bottom right: by right clicking on our Host file we can see some options available. The option that will interest us here will be “settings for Internet ID”. An identifier appears it will have to be noted on paper. We can also see “settings of the RUT host” and then clicking on a new window pops up now you have to click on “Host Settings” and finally “security”. Here you can specify a password, which we highly recommend. Now that we have installed the host on our RIG we can now install the Viewer on our main PC.

Installing the Viewer file on the main RIG

Remote Utilities Mining Cryptos-Currencies We have framed in red on the picture above what is going to be important here ie “Add a connection”. A window appears: Specify a “login name” such as “RIG1” or other so that you can easily differentiate it from others. The “IP address, Internet ID” field will be the code you previously copied with your Host file. All you have to do is “OK” and then a new window pops up asking for your password. If you use a “Dummy HDMI Plug” Your remote screen will be of a larger resolution otherwise you will have a display of 800×600, it’s not annoying it’s just a comfort tool. If you have more than 10 RIGs as is our case you can use another remote software in addition to it or just delete one RIG and then add another one with remote Utilities. (Little trick;))   If you have any questions, if you think it is missing something important to add or correct do not hesitate to write a comment.

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