Where can I find my crypto on the trading platforms?

We have often had this question and that is why we have decided to devote an article on this subject.

If you use a local wallet this question should not be relevant in the immediate future, but it may become a real one in the near term because it is very simple to transfer your corners from a local wallet to an exchange platform.

To find out if the crypto-money mine is on the Exchange platform I want to use just follow the steps in the following example:

In this case we will look at a website that will be useful to you frequently: CoinMarketCap

How do I find my crypto-currency on the trading platforms?

Let’s take a crypto-currency possible to undermine via GPU such as the ZenCash used by the Equihash algorithm:

Crypto-currency mining: CoinMarketCap

On the home page of the site you will find, on the right side, a search field. Just type in the name of your crypto-currency and click on it if it appears.

Crypto-currency mining: CoinMarketCapOnce on the page of your crypto-currency, you will notice that several tabs are present (refer to the image above). The “Markets” tab allows you to view the list of Exchange platforms that identify the chosen crypto-currency. “Even” refers to the exchange currency (s) of your ZenCash (coins) on the chosen platform, its unit value per platform and its overall volume (distribution of all tokens) expressed as a percentage.

The ZenCash is (at the time of writing this article) interesting to exchange on the Bittrex Exchange platform, under certain conditions the access to the interchange can be impossible (closed registration, maintenance, other reasons). In this situation another little platform do the trick, here Cryptopia is a good choice because it lists an important list of pairs.

An exchange volume of $15 239 daily is not huge but enough to sell your coins, it will only take you a longer time if you want to swap your corners to a higher value.

The site CoinMarketCap is appreciated by minors, it allows to obtain a lot of information other than the list of exchange platforms by crypto-Monnaie:

  • The number of coins in circulation.
  • The maximum number of corners possible.
  • The current value and its 24-hour variations indexed on Bitcoin or dollar.
  • The exchange volume over 24h.
  • The current capitalization of your crypto-currency.
  • The website of the project associated with the crypto-currency that you follow.
  • The announcement of the project on BitcoinTalk, a forum listing a lot of cryptos-currencies and projects based on these technologies.
  • The deposit (Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket…) of the crypto-currency code when it is published by the project Maintainers.
  • know if your crypto-currency can be mined.
  • The block/Transaction explorer of a crypto-currency: Consult the transaction book (blockchain).
  • A social tab showing the latest news related to the project (Twitter and other public social networks).
  • A complete daily history of its value, its capitalization and its total exchange volume.

The best thing to do is to take the time to explore and understand the different information related to the crypto-currency that interests you.

If you have any questions, if you think it is missing something important to add or correct do not hesitate to write a comment.

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