Mining glossary

In the field of mining, you will often see abbreviated words such as those below, this will allow you to find yourself much more easily by knowing the meaning of each of them thanks to this glossary mining.

Glossary mining of Cryptos-currencies

RIG: Set of material without its case with a support of wood, aluminium, other.

GPU/CG: Graphics card

Altcoin: Crypto-Alternative currency, there is Bitcoin and all the others, the altcoins.

CM/MB: Motherboard

CPU: Processor

Hahsrate: Power delivered by your graphics card or CPU. (or others)
It is defined in Hash, KiloHash, MégaHash, GigaHash etc depending on the algorithm chosen.

Satoshi: 1 Satoshi corresponds to 0.00000001 BTC and Satoshi also corresponds to the name of the creator of Bitcoin (Satoshi Nakamoto).

FIAT: Real money (euro, dollar etc.)

PSU: Power supply Unit

ROI: Return on investment

Exchange: Exchange platform or market place.

Pump: Rising, a crypto that pump means its value rises.

Dump: Drop, a crypto that dump means its value decreases.

Deposit: Deposit of your Cryptos-currencies and FIAT (if possible) on Exchange platform.

Withdraw: Removal of your crypt-currencies from the Exchange platform.

Wallet: Portfolio

Pool: Website that links several minors in order to work together and share the rewards.

Solo mining (or solo-mining): Undermine a crypto-currency alone without using a mining pool.

Fee: Commission that will take you to the mining pool/mining software.

Remote: Remote control of your RIGs.

PoW: proof of work, crypto-currency possible to undermine.

PoS: proof of stake, crypto-currency impossible to undermine.

Riser: An extension (USB) that allows you to put your graphics card outside the motherboard port and also be able to connect a graphics card to a 1x port instead of 16x.

Hodl (Hold): Keep its crypto-currency and do not sell.

Payout: Minimum of required corners before the pool makes a payment on your wallet.

Other thermal baths can be added to this list as they are.

If you have any questions, if you think it is missing something important to add or correct do not hesitate to write a comment.

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