How to calculate its profitability mining?

The article that will define whether you should try the adventure of the mining of cryptos-currencies or not. It depends on the periods but in the mining environment the profitability varies enormously.  Therefore you can very well earn $4 per graphic card per day with electricity deduction just like $1 see less per card/day and it depends on which graphics card you own obviously. We often repeat that the cost of electricity is the most important and that is normal, you will understand everything in this article. To calculate profitability there are two main websites to help us do this:-What to mine-Crypto-corner Let’s start with what to mine, this is the biggest cost-effective site, it allows to indicate its hashrate manually or any Simply by displaying the model of his card but modifying this manually thereafter. To know your hashrate there is no secret you have to test at least one crypto-currency on each different algorithm, our articles on “How to undermine with AMD” or “How to miner with Nvidia” will help you easily. What to mine seems complicated at first glance but it is relatively simple to understand with a little explanation and especially with the reading of our various articles: profitability mining of cryptos-currencies with What to mine the model of the maps appears in Top, just indicate the number of card you have and validate this by clicking on its model, the hashrate will be indicated automatically but it remains approximate.   We have indicated only 1 RX 580 for the image below by displaying a single AMD RX580 we can see an indicative hashrate of 30.2 MHS on the Ethash/Dagger-Hashimoto. Unfortunately, this hashrate will not always be achieved, depending on:

  • The BIOS change of the graphics card is done correctly.
  • The internal memory of your graphics card (Hynix, Elpida, Micron, Samsung)
  • The model of your graphics card
  • The amount of RAM in your graphics card (4GB or 8GB)
  • Voltage Management
  • Overclocking

On Nvidia cards This will be simpler because depending only on:

  • The model of your graphics card
  • The amount of RAM
  • Overclocking
  • The internal memory that your graphics card has (Hynix, Elpida, Micron, Samsung)

According to What to Mine, the default hashrate displayed for each algorithm will be: For the example and the above image this is obviously a single AMD RX 580 graphics card. Do not forget to check this but above all to perform your calculations manually by testing the hashrate on each of the algorithms, your profitability will be much more precise. What to Mine also allows to display the power of each card = its consumption, I recommend you use a meter. A pretty simple trick:-You have 4 graphics cards in total, you use your power meter, you just have to divide this number by 4 and indicate it on the crypto-currency algorithm that you are undermining. This calculation will take into account the entire RIG and will therefore be very precise. The operation will therefore be repeated on each algorithm present on What to Mine. What to Mine is very generous, it will not show the total consumption of the RIG in full but only the consumption of your graphics card. Also remember to indicate the cost of your electricity, it’s in dollar take into account. An example with 4 Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics cards: What to Mine will automatically calculate the Hashrate multiplied by 4 since we have indicated 4 graphics cards. We can observe a very low power, a rig of 4 graphics cards Nvidia GTX 1060 will have a power greater than 360w on the algorithm Equihash simply because this one does not look at the consumption of the rig in full but only the cards Graphics. If we rely on what to Mine this corresponds to 360/4 = 90w per card and this calculation is correct if you managed the overclocking nevertheless it is necessary to add approximately 130w in total for the RIG in full, there is nothing more accurate than a power meter to perform This calculation. So you have to make the changes manually and put 490w instead of the 360w displayed by what to mine, this is a mistake that many miners do based solely on what to mine and forgetting the actual consumption of the whole RIG. However, there is still a problem: the hashrate displayed. Above, we explained that the hashrate depends on many factors, so the hashrate indicated by what to Mine is simply wrong. On the Ethash/Dagger-Hashimoto algorithm you will not have a hashrate of 90 MH/s for 4 Nvidia GTX 1060 Graphics cards If you do not have internal Micron or Samsung memory normally. Our article on the internal memory of graphics cards can help you see more clearly here. The hashrate indicated for Equihash is also wrong, dividing 1080 h/s We get 270 h/s per card, no matter what type of memory this number will be 300h/s minimum per graphics card because what to Mine is not really up to date… Mining software is more efficient than in the past. The hashrate indicated for the Neoscrypt is wrong, 2480 KH/s divided by 4 corresponds to 620 kh/s per graphics card, the reality is 750 kh/s per graphics card. Thing to know, the Cryptonight algorithm is less intensive than the others but this algorithm is not interesting for Nvidia graphics cards. The Lyra2Z algorithm on the other hand is less intensive than the other algorithms as well and this one is interesting on Nvidia graphics cards. We are not going to do this on each algorithm because all the estimates are wrong and so you have to do this calculation manually. Nevertheless if you are here it is that you must know before buying the material if it is profitable or not and it is for this reason that we posted the results closest to reality compared to what to Mine with only one example , ie an Nvidia GTX 1060. Let’s look at the changes below: Once you’ve settled your calculations, you’ll only have to click on the “Calculate” button and what to Mine will display the crypto-currency which is the most profitable depending on the hashrate displayed. Profitability mining: What to Mine This result changes all the time, it is determined according to the difficulty and the value of the crypto-currency, do not forget to read our article about it. According to these results we find that the electrical cost is the most important because if we look at the first crypto-currency ie the one that is the most profitable at the moment T, it provides a daily income approximate $3.28 per day For 4 graphics cards but on the other hand the electricity consumption of 490w will have a cost of $2 per day. It should also be known that the gain of $3.28 for the 4 graphics cards is approximate while this loss of $2 per day in electrical cost is fixed. As we have seen previously this hashrate indicated regarding the Xevan algorithm is wrong and not very accurate, do not forget to do your tests and indicate the results manually.

Profitability of Cryptos-currencies with Crypto-coin

This calculator of profitability is not so different from what to Mine, however it does not display the Cryptos-currencies used by the algorithm Ethash/Dagger-Hashimoto, Groestl, X11 Ghost and others. Crypto-Coin has the peculiarity to display nevertheless cryptos-currencies that are not visible on what to Mine especially on the algorithm Neoscrypt which remains a algorithm normally interesting for mining with graphics card.   Profitability Mining: Crypto coin The advantage of Crypto-coin is that this one displays a hashrate much closer to reality as well as a consumption very close to reality also, this is a good point but you have to check this manually with your own tests. An Nvidia 1060 3GB will not have a hashrate of 270 h/S (Sol/s) as the Crypto-coin poster But 300 h/s (Sol/s) minimum, there are surely other examples. Profitability Mining: Crypto coin Obviously, don’t forget to indicate the cost of your electricity and modify the hashrate and electrical power manually if needed. For the image above we indicated $0.17 (dollar) per kWh to have the average French price. The actual profit by deducting the cost of electricity thus appears in blue but this number again is wrong because it does not take into account the total consumption of the RIG and for example everything is by default so very far from reality. Here is an example with 4 Nvidia 1060 6GB cards: This calculation remains correct regarding the hashrate indicated on each algorithm but not realistic relates to the indicated power and it will be up to you to modify this with the result of your meter. example, if you own 6 Nvidia GTX 1060, you just have to look at the number you see on your power meter during mining and indicate it on Crypto-corner, the operation is repeated for each algorithm since the consumption is different in function of the algorithm. The result leaving the indicated power will therefore be this: remember that this result remains very approximate and changes very often because of the difficulty + value of the crypto-currency. Know that what to Mine as well as Crypto-coin or any other calculator are very generous so leave always margin in this estimation. An estimate can change in 5 minutes, up and down. I invite you to read our articles on:-How to know on which Exchange platform the crypto-currency that I mine is located? -What does the difficulty mean? -List of mining pools if you have any questions, if you think that something important needs to be added or corrected do not hesitate to write a comment.

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