Installing Windows Software RIG

It is not always easy for beginners to know what to install on a fresh version of Windows regarding mining. This article will give you all the indications of what is actually needed on a mining RIG.   The BIOS is not indispensable but this option is very convenient, it is “AC power recovery” or something similar and it is located in “Advanced” then “Chipset Configuration” according to your motherboard but it is not hard to find. This option, if you activate it serves to restart your RIG automatically in case of power outage. Example: You have a general power outage for 5 minutes (or more) during the night and you have a lot of RIGs, this option allows you to restart your RIGs automatically without human intervention. Very useful with the shortcut of the. bat file that launches at Windows startup that you will see lower.

Visual Studio 2017 required after installing Windows otherwise you will have errors when launching your mining software. (Missing files) You can download Visual Studio 2017 here.

Windows Update Required tool after you install Windows 10, it will be used to prevent automatic updates. You can download Windows UpdateMiniTool here. Software Installation: Update tool

  • Search button
  • When the search is complete, click on “Hide”
  • Change “Automatic Updates” by setting “disabled”

MSI Afterburner There are others, we appreciate MSI Afterburner which is clear and simple, recommended for beginners. Allows overclocking/underclocking of graphics cards as well as fan management (fan rotation speed) and power limit. We recommend the skin “Default MSI Afterburner v3 Skin” that you can find in the “settings” then “User Interface”. You can download Msi Afterburner here.

The drivers (graphics drivers) required for optimal hashrate, too old drivers will not work with some software and drivers too recent may cause problems with some. On Nvidia We recommend the 388.71 or 388.13 drivers. On AMD It depends if you have older models type R9 290 and in this case it will be the 15.12 drivers or the 16.9.2 drivers. If you have graphics cards RX It will be the drivers 17.30.1029 or 18.3.4 Adrenalin

The mining software it depends on the crypto-currency you want to undermine, we recommend you read our dedicated article about it here.

Required Options You must set your virtual memory to 16000 MB. On Windows 10:

  • Search Bar “Performance”
  • Advanced
  • Virtual Memory/Edit
  • 16000 MB

On Windows 7 You have to do this:

  • Start
  • Control Panel
  • System
  • Advanced system settings
  • Performance/Parameters
  • Advanced
  • Virtual memory/Edit and must indicate 16000 MB

You also have to turn off the standby as well as the screen.   On Windows 7 Just do:

  • Start
  • Control Panel
  • Power Options
  • Choose when to turn off the screen to “never”
  • Put the computer in standby “never”.

On Windows 10:

  • Search bar “power supply”
  • Choose when to turn off the “never” screen
  • Putting the computer into “never”.

This works after installing the drivers only, the standby is not available without driver.

Remote control Optional but very useful if you have more than one RIG or if you are not in the same room as your RIGs. We use “Remote utilities” which allows use up to 10 RIGs for free. An article has been dedicated to this topic here.

Practical shortcuts If you are sure you have a stable rig, this allows you to start your rig directly by launching your mining software at startup. Very useful also if you have a power outage, your RIG can reboot itself and undermine if you activate the option “AC Power Recovery” in your BIOS. On Windows 10:

  • Windows + R
  • The command prompt opens, you must then specify Shell: Startup
  • Right click
  • New shortcut
  • Just put your. bat file

On Windows 7: 

  • Start
  • All Programs
  • Right click on the “Start” folder and then open
  • Then you have to click right then new shortcut

If you have any questions, if you think it is missing something important to add or correct do not hesitate to write a comment.

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