How to undermine on the Equihash algorithm?

Complete tutorial to learn how to undermine a crypto-currency that uses the Equihash algorithm. Download the mining software, configuration file. bat, wallet and exchange platform. You can undermine crypt-currencies such as:

  • Zcash
  • ZenCash
  • Hush
  • Zclassic
  • Komodo
  • ZenClassic
  • BitcoinGold
  • ZelCash
  • BitcoinZ
  • Vote Corner
  • SnowGem
  • BitcoinPrivate
  • Safe Corner

First of all do not forget our article on mining prerequisites in order to have the list of software available for each algorithm. Start! First you have to download the latest version of Bminer or another if you wish but we recommend Bminer which is the most efficient at the moment. -Go to the folder or the compressed file has been downloaded. -Unzip this file wherever you want. -You now have a folder containing this: a “readme” file is present it contains some basic startup information. The file “Mine” is our. bat file that will allow us to run the application “Bminer. exe” visible in the front line which is the mining software. Let’s just do a new. bat file in order to choose its mining pool and to do this we can edit our “mine” file to make it easier. -Right click on the file “Mine” then edit. -Windows note block opens and we see this inside: @echo OFF REM Change The following address to your Zcash taddr. Set ADDRESS = T1ZBtpkUy1y1deYsNJnzdW4tk7HiJEcfUzr Set USERNAME =% ADDRESS%. W Set POOL = Set scheme = Stratum START “Bminer: When Crypto-mining Made Fast” Bminer. exe-uri% scheme%://%USERNAME% @% POOL%-API Corresponds to parameter, so you have to change all the visible SET. The first SET corresponds to the address of your wallet on the crypto-currency that you have chosen to undermine. The SET Username corresponds to your ID on your mining pool. The SET pool corresponds to the address of the mining pool as well as the port, it is supplied directly by the mining pool. The SET scheme can be modified by SSL. Stratum means not secure and secure SSL, it depends if your mining pool allows you to choose SSL if it is available. We will present 2 different configurations of this file for 2 Cryptos-different currencies. Note: Regardless of the crypto-currency you want to undermine, the procedure is identical for all cryptos-currencies of the algorithm used by Equihash, there are only two possibilities of configurations that you will see below. -Suprnova does not use the Wallet address directly in the configuration of the. bat file while other pools yes.

Configuring the. bat file with Suprnova

Mining algorithm Equihash Nvidia @echo OFF REM Change The following address to your Zcash taddr. Set ADDRESS = CryptosMining Set USERNAME = CryptosMining. RIGHOME Set POOL = Btcz. Suprnova. CC: 5586 Set scheme = Stratum START "Bminer: When Crypto-mining Made Fast" Bminer. exe-uri% scheme%://%USERNAME% @% POOL%-API thereafter we simply " To save under ' This file and give it a name other than ' mine '. It is imperative to save this file in the same folder as the mining software and to indicate an easy to remember name and add the. bat extension to the end of the file name. Example: We named this file "BTCZ" and when registering we added BTCZ. bat and just save it. Your folder now contains this: when you double click on this file. Bat your mining software will then run and you begin to miner: mining with an Nvidia 1060 3GB on personal pc, power limit on + 116 (Msi Afterburner) is the maximum So 113w consumption for the graphics card only. Without having a loss of hashrate and a decrease in consumption, just set the power limit to about + 80, it depends on the cards to have 90w instead of 113w for this card. Mining algorithm Equihash Nvidia Do not forget to check the site of your mining pool if you mine properly (wait 10-15 minutes) either by indicating your wallet address, either in the "Workers" section (for Suprnova or others) or directly on the main mining pool page. For Suprnova as we said earlier, it does not require a wallet address to begin to undermine but to receive your payments it will be necessary to indicate your wallet address (deposit) in "My account" then "Edit account". To have a wallet address there are two possibilities:-the installation of the local wallet of the crypto-monnaie, it is a software to install on your computer that will synchronize the blockchain in real time and you can create the number of address you (Deposit address). -Retrieve the deposit address directly on your Exchange platform by checking correctly beforehand if your crypto-currency is on this exchange platform. Our article for "Where to find your crypto-currency?" will help you for this.

Configuring the. bat file with Flypool

The configuration of our. bat file will not be much different by changing crypto-currency or mining pool. For this example we chose the Flypool mining pool with the crypto-monnaie Zcash. Our original “Mine” file includes this inside: it is necessary to modify each SET as for the configuration with Suprnova. We will first check which Exchange platform accepts the Zcash and we can see that Bittrex has listed the Zcash. We can also install the local wallet of the crypto-monnaie Zcash directly on the computer, wallet addresses will have the same form it does not matter. Then we will go to the Flypool mining pool to check the connection information. Mining algorithm Equihash Nvidia We choose the server closest to his home as well as the Stratum port. Our. bat file as well as our file thus looks like this after modifications: As with the configuration with Suprnova, we indicate the name “Zcash Flypool” and we do not forget to add. bat at the end of this name so that it runs the mining software. We double click on the. bat file “Zcash Flypool. Bat” and the software launches: We wait a few minutes then we copy the wallet address indicated in our. bat file (Zcash Flypool. bat) to indicate it on the mining pool Flypool for Check that you are mine properly. It may take a while to see this on your mining pool so don’t worry be patient. (We waited 10 minutes, it depends on the pools) If you have made the correct configuration, if you have indicated the correct address of Wallet (deposit) There is no reason to worry. Normally the indicated hashrate will not be the one you can observe on your mining software and this is normal, it takes a few hours before you see your hashrate “correct” in relation to the mining pool. Mining algorithm Equihash Nvidia   If you have any questions, if you think it is missing something important to add or correct do not hesitate to write a comment.

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