Mining Prerequisites

When you want to start undermining there are several things to take into account and that is why novice minors feel lost. This article will allow you to see more clearly and start quickly step by step.

Prerequisite Number 1: Mining software

This one will depend on whether you are going to undermine with AMD or Nvidia cards, we will display that interesting software.

With AMD

AMD Mining   With AMD, it’s quite simple, our maps are powerful when we mine on crypts-currencies used by the algorithm Cryptonight but also Ethash/Dagger-Hashimoto and more recently the Neoscrypt and Lyra2z with Linux.   Mining algorithm Cryptonight with AMD:   Me

Mining algorithm Ethash/Dagger-Hashimoto with AMD: Ethereum

Mining algorithm Neoscrypt with AMD: GBX

Mining algorithm Lyra2z with AMD (Linux only): Zcoin

With Nvidia

Nvidia Mining With Nvidia, there are a lot of cryptos-currencies that are used with interesting algorithms only for Nvidia but not for AMD-type graphics cards. (compared to the price difference of the cards)   Mining algorithm Ethash/Dagger-Hashimoto with Nvidia: Ethereum

It is generally not interesting to undermine cryptos-currencies used with the algorithm Ethash/Dagger-Hashimoto When you have Nvidia cards, this will depend on the model of your graphics card but especially the type of internal memory of these. (Micron, Elpida, Hynix, Samsung).

Mining algorithm Cryptonight with Nvidia: Me

Note: It’s possible technically speaking but useless because the hashrate is horrible, Nvidia graphics cards are almost half as hashrate compared to AMD graphics cards.

Mining algorithm Neoscrypt with Nvidia: GBX

Mining algorithm Lyra2Z with Nvidia: Zcoin

Mining algorithm Xevan with Nvidia:  Solaris

Mining algorithms tribes with Nvidia:

Mining algorithm Timetravel10 with Nvidia:

Mining algorithm NIST5 with Nvidia (not profitable because of ASICs): Bulwark

Mining algorithm Lyra2v2 with Nvidia:

Mining algorithm PHI1612 with Nvidia:

Mining algorithm C11 with Nvidia: Kingston

Mining algorithm X16R/S with Nvidia: Raven

Be careful, I do not know whether this version is SAFE or not!

Prerequisite Number 2: Mining pools

An article has been dedicated specifically for the mining pools that you can find here. You can have explanations, help with the configuration of your software and a complete list of mining pools.

Prerequisite Number 3: Exchange platforms

There are 4 trading platforms to make FIAT (real money) currency deposits but also to be able to withdraw your winnings from your bank account:

At the outset, we are not interested, we do not wish to deposit real money on the exchange platform but undermine to collect coins and exchange them in Bitcoin and then sell the Bitcoins in real money in order to repatriate them to his bank account Thanks to the mining. We can therefore make entries on different trading platforms or install the Wallet software of the Cryptos-currency (s) that you wish to undermine directly on our computer. If we are registered on the Exchange platform Bittrex for example and our corners are on it will be necessary to remove your corners to send them on one of the 4 trading platforms mentioned above in order to be able to exchange this in real money. A local wallet will always have the same shape, it is a software to install, example with the crypto-currency “Innova” being part of the algorithm Neoscrypt: The deposit address will be used to indicate to your mining pool where your hard-mined corners can be Sent, so it will be the “receive” part on our software, you will be able to make several “labels” If you wish and create several addresses of wallet also. Mining Prerequisites: Wallet Innova On an exchange platform this is the same, you have a deposit address which means the address or you want your corners to arrive. A withdrawal address to remove its corners and send them to another exchange platform or to a local wallet. Don’t forget to look at our article to find out what Exchange platform your crypto-monnaie is located here.   If you have any questions, if you think it is missing something important to add or correct do not hesitate to write a comment.

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